Happiness lives

Ah yes! I found the fabric I have been looking for for months in the basement!! SO excited, I have way too many projects happening as we speak, recently I have consumed myself in attire construction, why? I dunno. Its been fun, and its fun to see if I pull it off. So Ive got a tan skirt and a pink and a gray dress to make on top of some aprons.
And after that I'm making art. Ah, liberating, it feels like a massage and when I'm done I take a hot shower and pass right out. No reading for me, just movie watching and creating. Its the perfect recipe for a college grad. I fantasized about all this while in school prison and even dreamed about having time for a blog, Vwaa Laa!
( As I sip from my tall glass of iced white tea) I say till next time I should have one of these things accomplished.
 your so teeny tiny picture..., lets just say its a pink pencil skirt:)
 And you, you little 70s skirt, I'm on to you...

 Anything heart is attracting, I will probably be listening to Duran Duran while I make these to give me synergy, and.....WHY? Do I do this to myself, Because of : Gratsifaction" I suppose, I hope-ish at least:)


Um Whaa!

Polka dot obsession has been the name of the game this past month, it all started with revamping the old clothes in my closet, Example this old dress...
turned it into this...
and then I found this skirt on the interweb....
I needed the navy fabric and of course when you need things sometimes you dont git it...so...I found the black fabric and did it...totally. totally.

I cant believe i even tried this, at first I thought oh cool, whatever, it'll be fun...NO! it was all quilted and ruffled and bla bla...Im so glad Im done, and now.....
to end my polka  obzession, im ending it with this one..

Apparently its difficult to find this fabric, so we'll see.



Just finished reading this...

now I'm on to the movie which is this
Im the type that doesnt watch the movie before reading the book, so theres plenty of movies I havent seen...ie...brace yourself, Harry Potter fans and all those sci fi-sh movies, but Im excited to see this and excited that Im actually following my forever long new year resolution to catch up on all the reading I've been wanting to do for so long now, so now I'm lookin for a new book, let me know if you got somethin for me. I read it all ...practically...try to.


Drunk History

I have no idea how this keeps happening but im finding bands I like and really great sewing tutorials and now this...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jL68NyCSi8o
Drunk History, sigh,  if you have the time there are others to see....I personally loved this one the most. Which one do you love the most?  Because well, I cant possibly be the only one that think this is giggles, but if I am well ok. whatever.
Anyway, aside from finding all kinds of fun stuff in here ( the internet) I am completely sick of it, but if I pick up a book that's really actually great, I find myself totally sick of sitting and then get up walk around and get on the computer, ugh gross. Im in trouble...


Hot tub anyone?

You know, when you wanna go hot tubbin or bath outside, you know stuff like that. Everyones doing it. And I mean more people than, you know. like, my Parents..( Wedding Singer Reference) Anyhoo, Well, here are some 2011 indoor/outdoor bath tubs I came across;)...

 Hikki Brand

Dutch anyone?? ya girl! Kos brand

Pretty huh? Kos Brand


Happy Valentines!

Everyone should see this:)

Primary colors

I've been thinking a lot about these colors and how we all grew up with them, I wanted to see if I could find stuff in those colors still because it seems like everything's beige, black, white, safe, and patterned. Im so excited for what I found that Im posting it now even though its not all ready....Im missing red, so here's to yellow and blue! Cheers!

Notice the zig zag rug? Ive always been a fan, and I know these bottom ones arent true blue, but I had to just throw them in there, too cute.

Did you see that lap top holder, I wish I could talk my other half into that, I just dont think he'll go for it . And the Magnifier Sheet goes out to Papa Smith:) 
Red to come!