Happiness lives

Ah yes! I found the fabric I have been looking for for months in the basement!! SO excited, I have way too many projects happening as we speak, recently I have consumed myself in attire construction, why? I dunno. Its been fun, and its fun to see if I pull it off. So Ive got a tan skirt and a pink and a gray dress to make on top of some aprons.
And after that I'm making art. Ah, liberating, it feels like a massage and when I'm done I take a hot shower and pass right out. No reading for me, just movie watching and creating. Its the perfect recipe for a college grad. I fantasized about all this while in school prison and even dreamed about having time for a blog, Vwaa Laa!
( As I sip from my tall glass of iced white tea) I say till next time I should have one of these things accomplished.
 your so teeny tiny picture..., lets just say its a pink pencil skirt:)
 And you, you little 70s skirt, I'm on to you...

 Anything heart is attracting, I will probably be listening to Duran Duran while I make these to give me synergy, and.....WHY? Do I do this to myself, Because of : Gratsifaction" I suppose, I hope-ish at least:)